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Class in Progress
Class in Progress

The RARE Place, Inc.

Identifying the Gap in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The current entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly within the minority, women and veteran owned business community, faces several significant challenges that hinder the success and growth of new businesses. Despite the presence of various support mechanisms and resources, there are critical gaps that need to be addressed to foster a more robust and inclusive environment for entrepreneurs. The lack of comprehensive support for underrepresented groups, inadequate business readiness and planning, insufficient practical experience and real world insights, along with limited networking and community engagement opportunities for those in these business communities makes business growth, almost impossible and business failure a sure thing! 

We at The RARE Place, Inc. are changing the game and we want you and your business to benefit. 

How Are We Addressing These Unmet Needs?

The Strong Startups Entrepreneurial program is crucial in addressing the unmet needs of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing:

A full-time, immersive course that integrates essential skills training with our acclaimed Black in Business curriculum. The program focuses on critical aspects of entrepreneurship, such as business planning, financial literacy, networking, and the legal foundations of business setups. Participants work and grow alongside experienced entrepreneurs who have navigated the challenges of starting and running their own businesses, offering firsthand insights into avoiding common pitfalls and making meaningful leaps into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Please type Your Name, (Potential) Business Name, Length of time in Business, as well as your mailing address into the email. 

A portion of all proceeds from 
The MWBE Coach, goes to The RARE Place Inc., a not for profit organization formed to provide services to homeless. veterans, at risk youth and their families. 

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