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Combating Homelessness 

At The RARE PLACE, INC., we recognize the deep connection between homelessness, mental health, and unemployment. Our dedicated initiatives focus on addressing these challenges holistically, ensuring that individuals who are homeless or at risk receive the comprehensive support they need to rebuild and sustain their lives.



Collaboration with Community Services: We work closely with local community service providers to connect individuals facing homelessness with essential resources. Our partnerships allow us to offer:

  • Mental Health Support: Access to mental health services is crucial. We help individuals deal with the psychological impacts of homelessness through counseling, therapy, and support groups, addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

  • Temporary Housing Solutions: In collaboration with local agencies, we work to try and facilitate access to safe, temporary housing options. This is the first step towards stability, giving individuals a secure base from which to pursue personal and professional development.


Our Services Include

  • Resource Navigation: Helping individuals understand and access the available social services, healthcare, and governmental assistance.

  • Integrated Support Programs: Combining mental health support with job training and financial literacy education to foster independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Current Efforts

Holding Hands

Our Future Vision

Establishing Temporary Housing with Integrated Workforce Development: Looking ahead, we plan to create temporary housing facilities that do more than just provide shelter. Our vision includes:

  • On-Site Workforce Development: These facilities will offer training programs right where residents live. From basic job skills to more specialized training depending on the job market demands, we aim to equip individuals with the tools needed for employment.

  • Mental Health and Financial Literacy Programs: Understanding that long-term success requires more than just job skills, our programs will include comprehensive mental health support and financial education. These are key to helping individuals manage their well-being and finances, empowering them to maintain stability and avoid future homelessness.


You can help ~ Get Involved

Support Our Mission: Your involvement can make a big difference. Whether you are a potential donor, volunteer, or community partner, your support is crucial to expanding our capacity to serve and implement future initiatives. Learn how you can help.

A portion of all proceeds from 
The MWBE Coach, goes to The RARE Place Inc., a not for profit organization formed to provide services to homeless. veterans, at risk youth and their families. 

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